Home Care Service

Evening Mobile service  from 6 till 12pm

If you feel vulnerable, highly sensitive, or overwhelmed by life, one of the first things you notice can be create body tension, affect your energy balance and your thoughts about everything. I have a special gift through my heart and hands to help you to release body tension and emotional situations. 

The special and magic I offer is my Intuitive Body work massage with Reiki service in the comfort of your home, I will be able to personalise the support you require with Love, great compassion, sensitivity, and intuition to nurture you to help different areas of your body to let go of tension. 

How it works

It is a combination of different types of massage skills such as Aromatherapy, soft tissue, Thai massage, reflexology, deep tissue and Reiki Healing., this combination of techniques generate an energy balance that will work on your muscular tensions and relax your mind.

Therefore, this combination of tools that I used will achieve our goal, to create relaxation and peace in your body and mind, ready to sleep peacefully. I use altogether to listen to your body and listening to you, my intuitive body work is my difference, when I am with you the clock does not matter to me, time stops, There is only one goal for me, help you.


What makes Reiki different?

Most conventional healing methods work only on the physical level, but Reiki works on the energetic, emotional and spiritual levels. Our body is a complex system with different levels that interact with each other. If a treatment only works on one level, the cure is not complete. True healing must be done at all levels, and this is precisely what Reiki does.

Reiki is an original therapy, built on the spiritual power of the universe. Because of this, the human being must first be healed, and then peace of mind and joy in life will be increased.

Rei means spiritual intelligence or supernatural strength.

Ki means the energy of life.

It would be my privilege to accompany and guide you through this development of your being. Love and compassion is the most powerful healing tool that exists, also its beautiful sound; you will feel it in my treatment for sure.


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