COVID-19 Update 2nd DECEMBER 2020

The Clinic is Still Open as Normal

And ready to take your booking for a Therapeutic Massage


In ALL tiers, Sports Massage therapists are able to continue working under normal conditions, without the need for pre-screening or emergency’s only.

All therapists must continue to wear full PPE comprising of a mask, gloves, apron and visor.
Clients must wear a mask throughout the treatment.

All previous advice regarding risk assessment and hygiene and cleaning procedures, ventilation etc., must remain in place to ensure you are Covid secure.


What we ask of you!

Please do not attend any appointments if you suffer with any symptoms of Covid-19 including the following

  • A positive Covid-19 diagnostic test.
  • A high temperature.
  • A persistent cough.
  • Shortness of Breath.
  • Change in sense of taste or smell.
  • If a member of your household is self isolating.
  • f you are classed as or live with anybody who is considered vulnerable or high risk.

If you are in these groups then please email and we can try to either book a video appointment or mitigate risks even further.

For further information on Vulnerable/High Risk Patient groups please see NHS / People at high risk

Clinic Premises

  • Doors will be kept open to minimize the need for touching surfaces on entrance and exit
  • Seating and clutter has been removed in the clinic reception to prevent patients sitting and loitering
  • Bench fabric has been removed and no towels will be used during treatments to ease clinic cleaning.

What you need to do during Appointments

  • Please do not arrive early - please arrive exactly on time for your appointment to avoid meeting people during cross over times between appointments.
  • Your temperature will be taken at the start of the appointment via a non-touch visual forehead infrared thermometer (please do not be offended).
  • I have extended appointments to enable thorough cleaning in between appointments so there is no patient cross over in the clinic.
  • We ask you to wait outside the clinic until being invited in. If the weather doesn’t allow this then please wait in your vehicle to be called in.
  • Please come in and wash your hands before the session, then wash your hands again before leaving.
  • Please do not bring anybody else with you to appointments unless needed to chaperone.
  • We ask please provide card payments. Cash will not be accepted on site.
  • There will be a copy of our Risk Assessment which will ask you to sign consent to being aware of the Clinic.


  • In between patients the clinic surfaces will be cleaned with 70% + alcohol cleaning products and/or antibac antiviral cleaning sprays including the bench, doors, chairs and tables.
  • Toilets and reception areas will be cleaned in between morning and afternoon sessions.
  • Professional cleaning will occur 2 x weeklyPersonal Protective Equipment1. Practitioners will be wearing PPE during appointments including disposable surgical masks, gloves, aprons and shoe covers.
  • Cleanable full face visors will be worn and practitioners will change clothes in each session.
  • Patients will be required to have facial coverings. If you do not have anything then you will be offered a disposable surgical mask. Please do not be offended when offered.

Please be aware that these measures are taken for your safety, the safety of your families and the community. We will ask these things of our patients as a whole and not on an individual basis so as to help mitigate the risks in such an environment and help keep clinics open.

We look forward to seeing you soon however in the meantime please stay safe.