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Benifit from David's unique fusion of Thai, Sports and Deep Tissue massage in a long 90 min session.


David uses a combination of methods taking influence from his many years of training.


Relax and enjoy David's healing heart as his passion resonates through his hands and into you.

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Free consultations and follow up assesments so you feel understood as an individual

Benifit from David's unique fusion of Thai, Sports and Deep Tissue massage in a long 90 min session.

Sport Massage

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Also known as soft tissue therapy, it  is the manipulation of the body's soft tissue to aid recovery, prevent injury and improve performance. 

Deep Tissue

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This type of massage focuses on realigning layers of muscule and connective tissue deep within the body with firm sustained pressure

Thai Massage

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Traditional Thai massage is an ancient healing system that aims to manipulate energy lines with targeted acupressure stimulation.

Holistic Soft Tissue Massage

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The intention of a Holistic Soft Tissue Massage is to give your entire body and mind a deep, relaxing and invigorating treatment. Therefore it lasts 90min.

Herbal Massage

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Soothe aches and pains and improve mental wellbeing. This traditional method uses steamed herbs to penitrate heat deep into the body

Chiro Massage

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in partnership with Core Chiropractic, we can now offer you a new service to help compliment your chiropractic treatment carried in the same clinic.

About David Zotes


Fifteen years ago, David Zotes of Spain decided to make a drastic change to his life. He was tired of the hum-drum hectic lifestyle he had carved out for himself. He was a successful business owner and lived a comfortable life, but something had to change.

He wanted to learn about the source of our existence and to venture deeper into the power of healing. It was at this point in his life that he discovered his ability for meditation, Reiki and energetic, intuitive massage. "This is when everything changed!" He now knew his life-purpose was to help others with his two hands and healing heart.

Several years later, in 2016, with over 12 years of massage experience, David was accepted into the highly prestigious and award-winning Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai. He travelled to Thailand and began the long and arduous journey to become a qualified Thai Massage Practitioner. To graduate from such a school requires much time, skill and discipline.

And in 2018, David completed the 300 hour Government Certified Thai Massage Professional Teacher Training (GTC). He was now able to return with this noble and highly valuable skill back to the UK in Brighton where he now lives.

Continuing his professional journey as a masseuse, David has now extended his training to cover the popular western disciplines of Sport and Deep Tissue Massage to combine the best of both East & West disciplines.

"My learning and development as a practitioner and trainer will never end. It's a life long journey. I am always committed to learning new techniques, discovering how the body functions, and deepening my practice scientifically and spiritually. It brings me great joy to be able to share my passion and vision with others and use it as a channel to help people heal their bodies."

"I look forward to welcoming you into my practice with an open heart and skilled healing hands."

Testimonials From Our Clients

"It was like magic – by the end of the wonderful session my back pain was completely gone! I felt relaxed, renewed energy and perfectly in tune. Thank you David - absolute expert!"

Polina Loubnina

"Having had many treatments from different practitioners I can say that David is skilled, kind, compassionate and very knowledgeable about what he is doing. You will benefit from and enjoy treatments you will get from David. Well recommended"

Matthew Bateman

"As a young woman, I was not sure I would feel comfortable having a massage from a male masseuse; but when I got there, my session with David was simply amazing!
Not only did he make me feel comfortable and well looked after, but he was also very professional."

Flame Luconi

30-Hour Thai Massage Foundation Course

In Affiliation With The Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai

Thai Government Certified 300 hour GTC

This 4-day course is the first step to becoming a certified professional Thai Massage therapist. Because we are affiliated with the TMC in Thailand you will be able to continue your studies in the homeland of this ancient tradition. Or you can use it as a stand alone course and simply practice as a non professional on friends and family at home.

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Megan – Yoga Therapist & MMH Graduate

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